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Marcin Brzozka


Over 30 years of experience

My aim is to enable you to experience the greatest possible enjoyment of your piano and provide honest and friendly advice in the field.

Hello, my name is Marcin Brzozka, and I am a professional and qualified piano tuner and technician.


With over 30 years of expertise in piano maintenance and trading, experience and skills honed in piano factories across the world, including Japan, Germany, Poland and Italy, I can look after instruments of any age, make or model. My passion and specialisation is concert and studio servicing. Predominantly a concert piano tuner, I endeavour to take great care in interpreting the pianist's needs and ensure that the instrument not only sounds and feels, but also looks perfect for the day. Over the years, I have worked for many musicians, composers, theatres, concert venues, halls and churches, as well as schools, music teachers and domestic households. 

I am London based, and I provide a comprehensive list of piano-related services from tuning and minor on-site repairs to full piano maintenance services including voicing, pitch raising, regulating, deep cleaning and mechanism adjustments, up to major piano renovations and restorations. I can help you with piano valuations, assessments and offer my friendly advice to sellers and buyers. I am also a certified and listed installer of the Piano Life Saver- damp chaser systems for grand and upright pianos. 


I am always happy to answer any questions over the phone or email. 


What I do



I offer home, concert and recording tunings as well as emergency tunings (if I happen to be available).

If a piano is regularly tuned, about an hour is a good estimate for how long the tuning would take. If the instrument is tuned less often or has not been tuned for a while, it could take significantly longer, or more than one tuning may be necessary to return the piano back to its best.


I carry out a full range of instrument services, ranging from minor or general repairs to comprehensive action regulation and voicing, as well as replacing parts or whole sections of the mechanism or keyboard.

With typical (non-commercial) levels of use, a piano should be serviced every two years. Sometimes the mechanism just needs to be refreshed or tightened, but in many cases, more work is required. The standard time needed to complete service may vary from half a day to two or three days.



I have a passion for bringing instruments whose glory days are seemingly long gone back to life. Each part of your piano has its own character and this is reflected in the sound it creates and the way it feels to play. If I was to assist you with arranging a full restoration of your piano, I can assure that the service is always performed at the highest level of precision with genuine branded parts to keep your piano looking and sounding as close to its original condition as possible. The time a full restoration takes varies from a few weeks to a few months and depends on many factors, especially the condition of the piano. I would be able to provide you with an estimate of that time upon inspection of your piano.


Piano Life Saver Instalation

Sometimes the use of the instrument under unfavourable conditions, such as excessively high humidity or temperature variations require the use of special piano life extension and climate systems, which regulate the humidity levels in the piano ensuring the most effective and safe conditions. As an experienced and certified Piano Life Saver installer, I offer my advice and assistance in the field.

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